Saturday, 28 August 2010

40 Day Challenge - Day 7 - Metal

It took me FOREVER to find some metal bits! I finally found these rusty metal pieces from my decorative painting days. They're not rusty because they're old and unloved...they came that way! lol Then I managed to find two hinges that I had removed from an old box, so I added those as well. They were perfect to make some fun flaps to hide some journaling spots and more pictures. I also decided that it's time to stop hoarding my Songbird paperpad! What a HAPPY collection! The only problem is that when I do a two-page just has to match! In this collection the only thing that worked for me was the exact same paper...oh well! Since looking for the metal put me even farther behind schedule than usual, I actually added pictures this time for extra points! Not that ANYONE is keeping score, right? :o)

My home, and my husband heading to the garden with a pail to pick strawberries and raspberries!

The hinge on the cloud hides a photo of part of our massive lilac hedge!

The hinge on the tree hides a photo of I bird I caught sitting on our birdhouse! What a cutie!


Traci S. said...

Hi Nancy~

I found you! YEAHHH! :) What beautiful scrapbook pages! I love your hinges! (Did you need to spray a coating over the hinges so they will not eventually rust on the lovely paper...or worse, the photo?) Just curious. I have never thought about that happening when I use brads..and they are metal. Hmmm...I love the giant sunflower on your blog!

I wonder, on the 1st close up pick...I think where they are going to pick berries...what are those purple plants!!! I love lilacs, and lavender and anything purple. Will you please let me know? I'm sorry to ask so many questions.

Isn't it wonderful to keep track of history, the memories, the feel, the vision, the smell, and sounds of an event or non-event. I think scrapbooking is very important. And, I think that journaling and writing names and dates on the back of the photos are critical.

Are you making an album for each child? I planned to give Joshua his when he graduates college...I think I will wait until he is married, and give it to them!

Beautiful blog~

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Mary said...

Hey Nancy,

I love these pages! Did you use the Cricut to cut your trees and clouds out? Where did you get that adorable shovel? You have a lovely home! I love the pics on the pages!

Oh, and you may use whatever size page for the Scrapbook Challenge! 8 x 8 is fine! Also, I would love if you put my button on your blog! Thanks.

NickelNook said...

Thanks so much for your comments!
Traci...All the rusty metal pieces are completely backed with foam dimmensionals. They don't actually come in direct contact with the paper or photos at all, so I hope they'll be fine! The hinges do seem to have a coating on them but I made sure they didn't come in contact with the photos.
Mary...the trees are actually the design on the paper...isn't it great? I cut the clouds out of one of the other papers in the collection. (I don't have a Cricut) The shovel came from my doll-making stash.
Thanks for the button! :o)

Ruth said...

OK so 20 points for the layout...super cute
20 for kicking the hoarding habit on this paper stack
20 points for the hinges cute Idea
20 for capturing the cute bird awesome shot!
and 20 points for over all Presentation.
So lets see that is 100 and you are way ahead of me. That is if we are keeping score. LOL!

Anonymous said...

My, oh my, oh my. Genius. Pure genius. I've seen the hinge thing before but on squares. Your technique is fantastic.

Love this layout and how you have the hidden goodies. You do have a beautiful home and garden. said...

Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous! I love the use of metal, and the overall layouts - and your photos are amazing Nancy! You did a great job on them! Thanks so much for sharing. :c) Hugs, Robyn