Monday, 4 October 2010

Scripture Challenge - Content/Satisfied

Are you CONTENT? Are you SATISFIED? Are you living the life you always dreamed of...with everything going along just as you planned?  You would think a page about being content would be pretty and happy and full of flowers and fluff, right? I would think so, and that's where I was headed. However, God led me to these verses for a reason. Then as I was working on my page I was reminded of all the dear friends I've been praying for lately, so this page is for them! Life is not always easy, my friends. Sometimes the road we must travel is a rocky path that's all uphill...both ways through 10 feet of snow! haha That's a common joke around here!
These verses were written in a letter by Paul and he was in prison at the time! I know that life circumstances can sometimes feel like a prison because something has happened over which you have no control. Perhaps a family member is ill, or you yourself have gotten sick. Maybe it's unemployment or your dreams of having a family, depression, or the loss of a loved many life sorrows. learn the secret of being content!! "I can do EVERYTHING through Him who gives me strength." Him is Jesus Christ! :o)

Paper: Life's Journey 6X6 Paper Pad by K & Company;
Slice Design Card: Vintage Findings;
Ink: Stampin' Up - Basic Brown;
Marker: Marvy Le Plume II No. 18 dark brown;
Cardstock: Recollection Kraft;
Assorted Old Stamps: Australia, Belgium;
Unknown: mini envelope.


Anonymous said...

This is a stunning page. For me it is beautiful and timely. Thank you Nancy for these lesson of God's grace from your perspective. They are balm to my weary heart. I'm so glad you are my Girlfriend!!!
Love you - Leslie

Lynn said...

It is a beautiful page Nancy. I am not religious but the words still resonate. I am very lucky to be content in my life - I have the wonderful support, friendship and companionship of a super husband, loving support of children who have very good values, satisfaction of seeing our children grow into happy adulthood and the satisfaction of having a close relationship with our little grandchildren who think we are the best! :)
Thank you Nancy for sharing this lovely page and words with us.

Lynn xx

A-M said...

Your page and devotional thoughts are both great - thanks for sharing.

Gwen said...

Beautiful page and I appreciate your post. You summed it up well, life is difficult and it is a challenge at times to be content!