Thursday, 10 February 2011

52 Week Scrapbook Challenge - Zentangle

One reason that I love these challenges from Mary is because they can be a challenge! lol I love that and I love learning new things! Zentangle is completely new to me and I must confess I am fascinated! It is also another addicting technique! I will definitely be doing more, and then I hope to create something special!
Zentangle is traditionally done in black and white, although it can also be done in different colors. You know how much I like color, so I used different ones for the Zentangle flowers. My piece is very should do a search and see this artform at it's best. It's incredible! How could it not be with a name like Zentangle? :o)


Mary said...

Wow, Nancy, that's amazing! When I popped on your blog and saw this page I realized I totally forgot about the zentangle page. yikes! gotta go get busy!

Tracy said...

Oh my gosh Nancy this is so cool! I've seen Zentangles before but never tried them. Don't know why not. I'm definitely a doodler if I have a pen in my hand Can't draw LOL, but I can doodle. Awesome project!

Anonymous said...

Wowzers!!! This is totally awesome!! Doodles? Those are all your doodles? Girlfriend, you have some serious talent there. Quite interesting to look at and I love your colors.
Love you - Leslie

Lynn said...

That is stunning :) Adore those coloured flowers and think that Zentangles can look as good in colour as in black and white. The flowers really pop because of the black and white background.
Just love your interpretation of this art form.

Love and hugs
Lynn xx

Creative Expressions by Lynn said...

The flowers look great Nancy!!! I came over just to check out your blog. It's been a while.. :) I am a terrible blogger, but I am trying my best to get into it more. I find I get frustrated to easily with blogging. I just keep on trying though. Have you ever forced yourself to get interested in something? lol That is me with blogging~ LOL I just had a thought... Maybe I just don't like reading. hmmmm Now there's a thought~LOL
Hope your doing well~ :)
God Bless!

Teen Queen said...

I love this LO Nancy. The flowers are great. I was introuduced to this artform a while back and found it quite relaxing. Thanks for reminding me to revisit this art. Your Zentangles look AMAZING, like you have been doing them for years.

Anonymous said...

Zentangle.. love it and I really like what you have done here on your layout, I thought it was some new fancy paper at first, then realised you had doodled it all down yourself... its amazing!

Must try some zentangling today ;-)