Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Post Full Of Stuff...And My Surprise Visitor!

Hello, my dear friends! First of all I want to say a very BIG and heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your congratulations and well wishes on my new Design Team adventure! I truly appreciate each one of your sweet comments! :o)

Today I have a new card for you. This is my first quilling project! Well, I did do that quilled flower a little while back but that wasn't quilling quilling! lol I believe I did do some quilling many years ago but we won't count that either! ;o) I placed the sun on black so that all the detail of the quilled pieces would show. However, after a couple of windy and cloudy days it was a beautiful sunny day here and I really wanted to use these papers. The rest of the card came together very quickly and easily. Well...there was a period of hilarity with a very warm Zot and a couple of decorative pins! LOL Seriously...if you're ever bored you should try that combination! Enough said! Here's my card:

Papers: K & Company - Sweet Nectar;
  Punches: Fiskars Border Punch - Grass,
Stampin' Up - Decorative Label Punch;
Decorative Pins: Maya Road, MM Vintage Findings;
Ribbon: Celebrate It;
Stamp: Stampin' Up - Pursuit of Happiness;
Ink: Stampin' Up - Soft Suede;

So I mentioned a surprise visitor I had. I looked out my sunroom window and what did I see running through my backyard but a BEAR!! Now, to some of you it may not seem unusual to see a bear in your yard. I live in a small town on the central prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada, and I have never heard of a bear appearance in the almost 27 years that I have lived here. In fact, when word started spreading around town, people didn't believe it and said it must have been a dog. Tell me, does this look like a dog to you?

I don't think so either. Here's another one of him coming right towards the house.

Then last night we had a deer come for a visit. He was very camera shy though and I couldn't get a very good photo. I don't know what's going on but I live in hope that my moose will show up! I've been waiting for him for YEARS! I wish you all much JOY and SUNSHINE! :o)


Tracy said...

Cool! Rolled roses are about as close to quilling as I ever get. LOL Your sun looks amazing and your card is beautiful. I'm so glad you shared the bear pictures. I love seeing wild critters like this. Don't know if I'd want him in my backyard, but he's awesome. Sounds like you have something interesting back there Nance. Maybe that moose will put in an appearance too. ;-) Hugs!

Jennifer said...

Your card is just beautiful! I love your quilled sun! Love the ribbon and grass to!
Thanks for the BEAR pic, don't know how anyone could see a dog in him but......there's always denial!
by the way....I love your green grass!

Kreatives von Andrea said...

Hi Nancy!

I'll be amazed not get out! A bear so close to your house, that's awesome.

Bears are my favorite animals. I find bears totally amazing ....... Thanks for the great photos, and it is actually a bear and not a dog .....You can see it immediately.

Unfortunately, I can only look at bears in zoos. Being it is determined also very dangerous, that they come so near to your house.

Now for your card, that is so elegant and I like it very well. Beautiful paper you've used,the card is very beautiful.

I wish you a nice weekend

Hugs Andrea

Friday said...

Awesome card, Nancy. I have never tried quilling before. Love your sun. Oh my, what a visitor. That would scare me knowing that he is around. Aw a deer. I have experience deers in Maryland. They are beautiful until mating season starts. Yikes!! Anyway, Love your card and Have a great week! Hugs!!

Teen Queen said...

Lots of nice elements. The stick pins, the sun (good idea to put it on black), the grass is wonderful. This is a lovely card. Lions, tigers and bears OHMY! lol I better start on a song for when you see your moose.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love your card! I've tried to quill once and my fumble fingers caused the coil to shoot across my table.

Your sun is spectacular! Did I mention that I live your card? :-)

As to the bear...diesn't look like a dog to me. Besides now you have proof of the bear :-)

I'm very happy all your fears of being abandoned by your blog friends because of being on a Design Team were banished forever and the out pouring of congratulations was tremendous. You do deserve all the support and accolades my Friend and I'm so happy for you.

Love you - Leslie

Zo-Wie-Zo said...

Hi Nancy! Your card is beautiful! I like the way you've made the card! wow you've to be very careful! But I like the bear. Several years ago I was in Canada In Vancover. It's very beautiful! Hugs Willie

Meredith MacRitchie said...

Hi Nancy!! I saw your comment on Geri's blog about Crafty Secrets and wanted to mention to you that you can order directly from them... I just got my first shipment! They're located in Surrey, BC... so shipping is affordable and quick!!

Here's the link, and they're having a big sale right now!

Happy shopping!!

♣ AGNES B ♣ said...

Thank You Dear :)This doily die it's from cherryl Lynn ;)

Beady Bom Bom Creations said...

Beautiful card Nancy! The bear is so cute but I would be scared seeing big creatures in my back yard. LOL! TFS!

Cindy Haffner said...


Nathaly said...

Hi Nancy, a bear in your back yard???? That is something we only see on television. I would just go CRAZY! And lovely card you've made there. Nathaly

Melanie said...

Well, this is much more exciting than the raccoon that was lurking through my backyard last night! LOL
Nice job on the card, the quilling is so pretty, especially how you offset the center of the sun.

Jonia said...

My goodness Nancy, what a beautiful card! I love it. Now on to the Bear. Yes definitely a bear and you got some good shots. Hope to see your moose soon! LOL

Christina said...

Pretty card Nancy! We get bears here in the South Shuswap, and deer, some racoons, and I'm sure many other critters! lol I think your intruder was headed for the bird house! Lunch maybe!??

Christina said...

hahaha Nancy, I read your comment on my blog this morning and you're singing bear songs first thing in the morning!!! hahahaha I haven't seen our bears for quite some time... they must have taken a journey to your neck of the woods. I'm sitting at my husbands computer this morning which is right next to a window and I am hearing some lovely chirping! Well, I am off to get ready for work. Have a wonderful day and stay blessed my friend. {hugz}

Gemiel said...

Nancy, love the quilled sun. I haven't done any quilling in years. It looks wonderful on the card. That's definately not a dog in your yard LOL. Don't know what I'd do if I saw a bear out my window.

~Tammy~ said...

Oh my gosh, that is crazy! I think I would have been scared! I have never seen a bear except off in the distance in the Smokey Mountains! Wow.

Your card is adorable! I love the quote and the stick pins are the prefect finishing touch!

alexandra s.m. said...

Ok Nancy, I'm just laughing so hard it hurts!
(plus I'm not typing right!)
No, I confirm, this does not look like a dog.....Oh My!!!!!!
I would have been so scared!
Ok, I don't think I'll be popping over for tea any time soon Sweetie, sorry!!!

But I'm happy you were able to get these great shots and I pray your moose does finally show up!

Great card BTW!!

and thank you...I'm still laughing...

Holly said...

way cool, Nancy! However, I am very glad that you were inside to take the picture! He's cute from a a distance. =0) What a fun share!

mamawcindy said...

Your Card is just Gorgeous! I have never tried quilling before. For the Bear,I don't know what I would have done. My Grandchildren play outside everyday so I wouldn't want a Bear around. Thanks for Visiting my Blog and leaving such a nice comment. :0)

Susan M said...

Such a gorgeous card , the quilling is fantastic,so many talents Nancy!Your bear photos are wonderful , don't think I would like one so close though! I don't know why but I do like moose! Thats why I bought my little Riley Moose stamps.Would be great if you get a photo of one [ not too close!!]

Anonymous said...

Well your bear beats the deer and rabbits that frequent our garden Nancy:) He is gorgeous; he only looks a youngster too.

Your card is beautiful and well done on the quilling:) You made a fab job of it all
Lynn xx

Sandy Ang said...

Definitely no dog Nancy. Hope they are not too dangerous and that you and your family keep safe. BTW congrats on the DT for Die for a Sketch.

Geri said...

Oh, my gosh...I saw this but didn't realize I hadn't commented! And I must, because I think it's one if my very favorites from you! (but you know...I kinda like pink and I kinda like vintage so...) The bear is something else!!! I bet that made your heart go pitter patter!! Thanks for sharing, Nancy! Blessings to you!!

Marilyn said...

Love your card Nancy but that definitely looks like a bear to me too... holy cow... I would have needed new pants!

Jennifer Stacey said...

I'm glad I dropped by :) I loooove your sunshine! I really like it on the black. It makes it stand out more! I'm off to check out more of your blog....
You'll be surprised how many black bears, deer, snakes, turkeys, armadillo, huge cranes and more I see just around my neighborhood and surrounding ones! It's scary because I live in central Florida right off of an interstate!