Sunday, 29 April 2018

Whisker Graphics - Stitching Fun!

Hello, my friends!

I'm back to share a fun project created with products from the Whisker Graphics Shop!
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Here's what we're making today...

Here's what you need to make it:

From Whisker Graphics:
Solid Pink Bamboo, Solid Aqua Bamboo, Solid Green Bamboo

Other Materials Needed:
Paper Piercing Tool and Mat
Stitch/Piercing Design Templates

Insert the piercing mat into the Middy Bitty Bag.
Choose your design template and position it over the bag.
Pierce the design into the bag, through the top layer only.

Cut a workable length of the twine, and thread it on a needle. 
Using a piece of tape, 
secure the end of the twine securely in place on the inside of the bag.
Do this in a location close to where you will begin your first stitch.
Poke the needle through to the front of the bag through one of the pierced holes. 
Continue stitching the design from the front of the bag.
Do so carefully so that you don't tear the bag.
To finish off, secure the end with another piece of tape. 
Trim the twine close to the tape. 

I then decided to stitch "HELLO" on a Large White Tag from the shop.
I had a plan for it! 
When the stitching was finished, 
I threaded some additional twine through the hole in the tag.

Here you can see where I adhered the tag to the front of one bag, 
and then stitched a little bird sitting on it.
To finish these off, I cut a coordinating piece of cardstock to fit inside the bag. 
These are just a fun alternative to the usual greeting card!

Products from Whisker Graphics:

Solid Pink Bamboo, Solid Aqua Bamboo, Solid Green Bamboo
Large White Tag

* * * * *
This was another fun project using these products from
Whisker Graphics!
Sometimes a girl's just gotta stitch! ;o)

* * * * *
Thanks for stopping by!
I'll be back again soon with another project share!

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Daffodil Cards said...

So different and beautiful, neat stitching too,

Donna Phelan said...

Oh these are so neat, so different, so unique, so pretty! Looooove the stitching! The color of twine is fantastic! Well done, Nancy!

Tracy said...

Now that's clever! I love stitching on my projects but this is a whole new arena. The bags really let the colors in the twine take center stage so that the images draw your eye. Great added texture too. Too cute! P.S. That piercing tool looks deadly. Be careful. LOL

Mia said...

Brilliant idea, Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!