Thursday, 2 September 2010

52 Week Scrapbook Challenge - 3-3-3

Another fun challenge has begun! I've got:
three colors
three scallop circle/circle combos
three baby roses
These are the first baby roses I've made and were they ever fun!

By the way, I should tell you that my daughter Liane is going to be 23 this month! Do you think she'll mind me putting these pictures up on my blog? lol I think this is when she fell in love with "mitties" too. Yes, that's what she still calls them! This is my blog Liane, and I can talk about whatever I want to, isn't that fun? :o) My daughter Andrea is in the one picture too. Her style is totally different than Liane's. The previously blogged Converse page was for her...but she's got some "special" photos coming too. I have to do something on these challenges, right? :o)


Anonymous said...

The touch of orange you used on the scallop circle I thought was brilliant. Didn't think orange would go with that background color but it pops! After closer inspection I saw a bit of orange in the background paper. The purse die cut and the shoe die cut are fabulous. What punch did you use behind the mattes? Love them.

Your daughters are beautiful. How could your daughter be upset about your blog post? I think she'd get a kick out of it and the photos. Awesome job, Nancy!

Mary said...

Great Page Nancy!!! What beautiful little girls! Aren't you glad to have those precious pics scrapbooked! I'm so glad you're doing this challenge with me. TTYS.

Adriann said...

You did a fantastic job with those roses! I have yet to do my 3-3-3 challenge. Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Pretty wee girls and pretty wee roses Nancy :-) Love the layout x said...

Soooo sweet! No, I don't think she would mind, she is absolutely adorable! I love the "mitties!" Gorgeous once again Nancy! I agree, that orange just sets off the pink beautifully. Love it! Blessings, Robyn