Thursday, 10 June 2021

Bowdabra - Tag Topper Triple-Looped Bow

  Hello, my friends!

I'm back with another fun project for Bowdabra!

If you're not familiar with the Bowdabra, it's a wonderful bow making tool!
Anyone can make a beautiful bow very easily using the Bowdabra!

Today I'm back to playing with paper.
Last time, for my teddy bear bow, I used the large Bowdabra.
This time I have used the Mini Bowdabra Bow Making Tool.
This tool is idea for making smaller bows of all kinds.
I've used it to make some tag topper bows.

You've often seen me use multi-looped bows on my cards and tags.
Since I have always used my fingers to make them,
the loops are all the same size.
This fun tool allows me to create loops of different sizes,
and it's so easy! :o)

Here are my finished tags:

Aren't those pretty bows?

Here is how I made it:

Supplies Used:
Ribbon of Choice;

Follow these steps:

1. Place the Bowdabra Ruler on top of the Mini Bowdabra. One side is in inches and the other side is in centimeters.
2. Cut an 18" piece of the Bowdabra Bow Wire. Fold it in half. Position it in the tool and tuck the ends underneath the tool, as shown in the photo. 

3. Cut a 28" piece of ribbon. Place the ribbon end at the 3" mark on the left side. On the right side, turn the ribbon back on itself, creating a loop at the 1" mark. Insert the ribbon, and form a matching 1" loop on the left side. The markings on the ruler make it so easy!

4. For the second loop, repeat the process making your loops 1 1/2", right on top of the first loop.

5. The third and final loop will measure 2". Repeat the same process again, layering the final loop on top of the previous loops. 

6. Insert the Bowdabra Wand into the slot, and scrunch your bow down. Remove the wand.

7. Now pull up the ends of the Bowdabra Wire. Insert the cut ends through the loops. While holding your bow down with one hand, pull on the wire ends with your other hand.

8. Remove the bow from the tool. This is what you have. 

9. Tie a knot in your wire. Pull the ribbon ends down, and position the wire as you please. At this point, you could trim the wire, and tuck the ends to the back. Or you could continue on as I did.

10. Wrap the Bowdabra Wire ends around the skewer. If you don't have a skewer, you could also use a knitting needle or a paint brush. Remove the skewer and trim the wire ends.

11. Adhere the bow in place at the top of the tag, positioning the wires as you please.

I went on to make two more bows in the same manner.
They're such a lovely addition to the top of these tags.
They will be wonderful tucked into one of my journals. 

* * * * *

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
I'll be back next month with another fun bow project!

* * * * *

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Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Another Spread In My "Favorites" Traveler's Notebook

 Hello, my friends!

Today I have another project share for Kate Hadfield Designs.

Again, I've used Tape Runner adhesive to put it all together.

 Have I mentioned how much fun I've been having with these pages?
Kate has so many fun doodles of my favorite things.
They are so much fun for me to print, and fussy cut out,
before putting them in my TN. 
Of course, they're also perfect for those of you who like to create digitally! ;o)

Here is my next "favorite" thing:

I really do love most, if not all, colours.
However, I have long called red my "happy" colour, so it is a definite favorite!
These doodles are such a beautiful rich red too! 

I used a red alphabet for "RED",
and then found a few other fun red doodles.
I added just the red polka dot strip from the printed paper.

How could I not add some pretty red flowers, and red paint?
More of my favorite things!

Sometimes it's fun to just document some of these simple things,
such as your favorites. 
As you know, favorites can change, or the list can grow.
It will be fun to look back on this notebook years from now! :o)

* * * * *

Kate Hadfield Products Used:

I used the heart, paint can, paint brush, and rose.

I used two red flowers.

I used a strip from the multi-patterned striped paper.

* * * * *

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* * * * *

I used the retractable Tape Runner adhesive to adhere everything in place.
I love the retractable feature of this tape runner. 
It makes it so easy to keep in my Traveler's Notebook kit,
with no danger of the cap coming off or anything getting stuck that shouldn't get stuck! lol
The green one on the top is the retractable one.

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Monday, 7 June 2021

Relative History - Two Tags

  Hello, my friends!

I'm back with a new project share for Relative-History!
Relative-History is a UK based company,
dedicated to helping people tell their stories and document their family history.

We are continuing to focus on all things Jane Austen!
I have so many fun projects coming, using the My Dearest Jane Collection.
Today I am also adding in the Family Tree - Romantique Collection.
Some of these products are also available as digital downloads.

Oh, before I forget...again...I have a special discount code for you.
When you do any shopping at Relative-History,
you can use code: RHNANCY10
That will give you a 10% discount on anything you purchase! :o)

Today I have two tags to share with you:

Aren't those ladies beautiful?

For this one, I die-cut my favorite black paper from the collection.
I adhered it onto one of the green papers,
and trimmed around it.

I fussy cut the lady out, and added it to the base with foam tape.
To finish everything off, I added a ribbon bow to the top,
a pretty flower to the bottom, and some Stickles for some sparkle!

For this tag, I used the same papers as the other tag,
and added the pretty pink paper.
I die-cut all the layers and adhered them together. 
I fussy cut another pretty lady, and added her to the base with foam tape.

I stamped the sentiment on the pink paper,
and matted it with the green, before adhering it in place. 
To finish this one off, I added some pretty flowers,
and some sparkly touches of Stickles.

These tags were so much fun to make!
I find this whole collection very inspiring!
I hope you do too! :o) 

* * * * *

Relative History Products Used:

 Family Tree - Romantique - Digital Download;

My Dearest Jane Postcard Pack - Digital Download;

Other Materials Used:
Punches: Martha Stewart - Branch, Rose Leaf,
Stampin' Up - Modern Label;
Stamps: The Project Bin - Just Sayin';
Inks: Memento - Gray Flannel;
Ribbon: Celebrate It!;
Stickles: Stardust;

* * * * *
Thanks so much for stopping in today!

There are some really fun events happening at the Relative-History facebook page.
You really want to head over there and take a look.
I hope that many of you will come and join in the fun!

 * * * * *

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Friday, 4 June 2021

LineDotArrow - Some Fun Ephemera Ideas

  Happy Friday, my friends!

Today I am sharing a new project for LineDotArrow!
Nathalie creates beautiful printable journal kits,
along with so many other fun printables. 

This month, I thought I'd do something a little bit different.
Instead of completing a junk journal,
I thought that I would share some fun ephemera ideas.

There are lots of photos in this post.
Just scroll down until you find the ones that interest you.

Nathalie has some great neutral collections in the shop for this purpose.

Here's what I used.

These items are all included in the Collage Tear Papers Collection.
I printed out some of the pages, and all the little bits. 
I cut them out, inked the edges, and assembled the pockets.
The papers were made into little bits with the aid of my tear ruler,
and then all the edges were inked.
There are so many fabulous bits to pull out and collage on tags.
As you'll see in the coming photos. 

Both the tags above, and all the pockets and envelopes below,
I cut out all the pieces, inked the edges, and assembled the pockets and envelopes.

These beautiful butterflies are from the Fussy Cut Butterfly Collection.
I fussy cut them all out with a narrow white border.

 These large tags are so pretty, with greens and pinks.
I kept with the pretty theme and added some lovely bows to the top.
I'll have more about these bows in a post next week.

Here are two of the more grungy looking tags.
I added the collage bits, along with some of the pretty butterflies.
I punched out the hole in the top,
and added a piece of lace with a jute tie.

For the tags below, I cut the tag base from a manila folder.
I collaged the entire front of these tags with the collage bits.
To one I added the butterfly, to the other added a little piece of a vintage book page.
For the top of these tags, I folded over a strip of the collage paper, 
and adhered it in place.

For the two tags below, I again used manila base tags.
This time I pulled out some of the pretty blue collage bits. 
 I adhered them in place, along with a couple of vintage book page bits.
I added some little pieces of cheesecloth, before added the pretty blue butterflies.
To the top of these tags, I added a label that was folded over and inked.

Here are some other very simple tag ideas.
The pretty tags on the top were printed, cut out and inked.
I then reprinted the tags in a miniature size.
The mini tags were adhered in place on top of the larger tags.
They are left open on the top and one side to form little tuck spots.

The tags shown on the bottom are simply layered, with a brad through the hole. 
This way the tags can be tucked in,
and then swiveled for journaling on the backs.
They can be tucked into any pocket or tuck spot.

Now I'll show you some of the pockets.
They've been decorated and added to some coffee dyed paper.
On this pocket I layered some labels and a butterfly.
I added lace and a jute tie to the top of the tag,
and tucked it in the pocket.

To this pocket, I added one label, some cheesecloth,
and a pretty green butterfly.
I tucked in two of the pretty tags that pulled out the green.
To the top of these, I added a simple looped ribbon.

Here's another fun page pocket idea.
This is one of the larger pockets.
I added tags to the front of the pocket,
to form some additional pockets.
I then tucked more tags into the tag pockets.
To the top of each of these I have added pearls.
I tucked two plain manila journaling tags into this pocket.

Here are all the tags un-tucked.

Here's another fun idea for ephemera.
Each of the pieces below are mounted on paper clips.
Since they clip onto the edge of the page,
they are decorated on the front and the back.
Here is the front side:

Here is the back side:

Here is what they look like clipped onto the page.

Now for my final idea.
Here I have used another one of the big pockets.
I used a flower template to pierce holes,
and then I stitched the design with crochet cotton.
I then used the same thread to crochet matching flowers,
which I adhered in place to the top of the plain manila tags.

These collections are so much fun to combine and create with!
Now I have all these fun goodies ready to add to my journals,
or any other creative projects. 

* * * * *

LineDotArrow Products Used:

 Collage Tear Papers Collection;

The Basics No: 2 Collection;

Fussy Cut Butterfly Collection.

Other Materials Used:
Walnut Stain Distress Ink;
Ribbon, Jute, Cheesecloth,
and Lace from my stash;
Vintage Book Pages;
Burlap Bits;

* * * * *
Thank you so much for stopping by today!
I'll be back soon with another fun project.

* * * * *

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Monday, 31 May 2021

Bowdabra - A Little Teddy Bear Update

 Hello, my friends!

I'm excited to be sharing my first Design Team post for Bowdabra!

If you're not familiar with the Bowdabra, it's a wonderful bow making tool!
Anyone can make a beautiful bow very easily using the Bowdabra!

For my first bow project, I decided to spruce up my fluffy white teddy bear.
Here he is in his fancy new finery:

Isn't that a fun and festive new bow?

Here is how I made it:

Supplies Used:
Teddy Bear.

Follow these steps:

1. Cut a piece of the Bowdabra wire approximately 24" long. Fold in half. Insert into the Bowdabra tool, as shown in the photo. Tuck the extra length under the base of the tool. 

2. Measure around the neck of the teddy bear, and cut a ribbon to fit. In this case it was 12" in length. That is inserted into the Bowdabra tool, right side facing up, as shown in the photo.

3. Insert the end of the ribbon into the tool, over the bottom ribbon piece. Creating a loop with the ribbon, fold the ribbon back on itself. 
4. At the center point of the loop, give the ribbon a twist, so that the right side of ribbon is facing down. 
5. Insert the twisted part of the ribbon into the tool. Now the wrong side is facing up. 
6. Form a loop on the opposite side of the tool, folding the ribbon back on itself. Now the right side is facing up.
7. At the center point, twist again, and insert it into the tool.
8. Continue forming loops in this accordion fashion, until you have as many loops as you want.
I wanted 4 loops on each side.

9. Insert the Bowdabra Wand (comes with the tool) into the tool, and press down. This scrunches all the ribbon together. 

10. Untuck the Bow Wire from under the tool and pull up. One end has a loop, and one end has two cut ends. Insert the cut ends through the loop end. While holding the ribbon down with one hand, pull the cut ends of the wire up snuggly. 

11. Remove the piece from the Bowdabra tool. It will look like this. Now pull the wire tight and tie a knot. Trim the extra wire off.

12. Fluff  and shape the loops into your desired bow. Wrap the tail ends around the bear and tack in place. Arrange the loops as desired.

There you have it...a fun loopy bow to dress up your teddy bear! :o)

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
I'll be back next month with another fun bow project!

* * * * *

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