Wednesday, 29 September 2010

52 Week Scrapbook Challenge - Chalkboard Technique

Another brand new technique for me! Thank you for the great challenge Mary! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! :o)


Mary said...

It's gorgeous! I absolutely just love it!

I think I might re-do mine, it's boring. Back to the scrap table...!

Thanks for posting that beautiful page

NickelNook said...

What a super fun technique Mary! I had never heard of it before! I will be using this one again...and again! lol

Lynn said...

This is beautiful Nancy but a few details would be great :) What is the chalkboard technique? Using chalks??
It is very colourful but in a soft way. Thanks for sharing x

Love and hugs
Lynn xx

NickelNook said...

Thanks for asking Lynn. First, stamp designs on black cardstock using white ink. Then chalk over the ink while it's still damp. Then just wipe up the excess chalk with a Swiffer cloth. I just love the way it looks! They recommend using solid stamps but it seemed to work just as well with the line ones too!

message8 said...

This is a beautiful page. Colorful in a soft way. It reaches out and touches the viewer in a calming fashion. Love this, you've done a wonderful job.

Did you paint the birdhouse? So appropriate to put flowers with stems, butterflies, and other flower garden goodies on the page for the bird house to set in. Can't forget the bird you have flying around.

You are just full of ideas.
Love you - Leslie

Adriann said...

This is beautiful! Great job!1

Lynn said...

Thanks for the technique Nancy. It is very effective. It has been a long time since I used my chalks and I have some beautiful pearlescent ones too. Once I have finished scrubbing and polishing the house ready for viewings I might be able to pull out all my craft items again and do something crafty and try this technique. You have certainly used it to good effect

Love and hugs
Lynn xx

Tracy said...

This is a really cool looking technique Nancy! I love the stamps you chose to compliment your picture. It makes for a wonderful layout! Hugs!

thehandmadecardblog said...

Oh Nancy what a gorgeous technique and I love the layout, very eyecatching, must give this a try out soon :-) x