Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Joyful Blessings!

I have been gifted with a really lovely honor by Tracy over at Tracy has incredible talent and is a member of the Papercraft Star Design Team. To have been chosen by Tracy to receive this award is such a wonderful encouragement to me, and I'm truly grateful! It's also thrilling for me to be among the company of Geri and Silvia!
In acceptance of this award I am to answer two questions:
1. What is the best project I ever made?
2. I like to craft because...
Hmmm...those are tough questions! lol I have no idea what the best project I've made is...I think someone else would have to answer that one. I'm still pretty new at all of this paper-crafting business. I find as I'm working through the challenges and doing new projects, each one is a new technique or idea and it teaches me something. So they're all the best!
I like to craft because...I HAVE to craft! I've been crafting forever! As some of you know, I deal with some health and pain issues. I believe the Lord has gifted me with crafting skills as a means to help me deal with those issues. Creating brings me great JOY and distraction from the pain. My goal with this blog is to share the gratitude I have in my heart for what the Lord gifts me with daily, to be an encouragement to others, and to spread a little JOY!! :o)


Lynn said...

Well done on your very deserving award Nancy.

Love and hugs
Lynn xx

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! I know a "Star". How cool is that?!

I concur, you do fabulous work and your blog is chock full of new techniques and things you've made. Your love of crafting shows in the things you make. Your humble posts and the beauty you create are all testament to the gratitude you feel for this talent.

I'm SO PROUD of you!!!

Love you - Leslie

Ruth said...

Congrats on the award. Finally some recognition for all you do! Your crafting and willingness to share it with everyone is just so great. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your award Nancy, it couldnt have been awarded to a nicer person :-)

Well Done xx

Mary T hiessen said...

WOW!! That is awesome!! Congratulations!!