Tuesday, 19 October 2010

52 Week Scrapbook Challenge - Grid Technique

Another "new to me" technique! I don't know how Mary does it week after week! This one is for Lynn too! I just hope I did it right...but even if I didn't...I sure had lots of fun! lol I know this is not the greatest picture but it's really perfect for this set of stamps by American Crafts that I've been anxious to play with! We've always been a family that loves to play in the rain! I have much some much better pictures of my girls in their rain-suits & rubber boots packed up somewhere. However, I found this one in the "play with" pile, so I played with it! :o)


Andrea said...

before i looked at what you wrote i was confused at why we would be wearing snow suits when there was no snow..i didnt know that rainsuits existed.

Anonymous said...

Your girls are ADORABLE!!!!! Playing out in the rain, what fun.

Lynn will be so proud of you!!!! You took her up on her dare and you succeeded in it. I'm proud of you :-)

Love this layout and what you have done with it. The side images and the way you have taped them off look like they could fold in and the whole thing be neatly tucked away. Once again, you've done a fantastic job.
Love you - Leslie

Jonia said...

I just love this layout and may have to try something like this myself. Thanks for sharing.

Lynn said...

Oh well done Nancy! That is a beautiful layout and the grid work is so effective and works beautifully. Very impressed and proud of you for taking up the dare and running with it.

Your little girls look so cute in their outfits. Our grandchildren have similar outfits for playing out in the wet or muddy weather - certainly saves on the laundry unless they need to pee desperately :)

Lynn x

Mrs. Dude said...

this is SO CUTE!!