Wednesday, 6 October 2010

52 Week Scrapbook Challenge - Stripes & Dots

Here's another fun one of my little Sweeties a FEW years ago! I added the buttons for extra dots! :o)


Lynn said...

Oh Nancy what gorgeous little cuties :) Another lovely page too, so bright,cheerful and complimentary to the lovely girls.

Love and hugs
Lynn xx

Anonymous said...

How CUTE!!!! Those were the "lap days", so sad to see them pass. Your Sweeties can no longer climb up in your lap, but the hugs are much better now, aren't they?

Love this layout. And...I see a "Pinking Hearts Border Punch" in there :-) Love what you've done with this page. Your buttons make the page look animated and happy, just as the girls were when they were little then.
Love you - Leslie