Saturday, 16 October 2010

Something A Little Different

So, here it was Saturday and I was all alone! I was feeling a little blue about this because I usually get to spend time with my husband on Saturday. What do you do when you feel blue? make a new friend! So that's exactly what I did! I made a new friend and her name is Gracie! I'd love to know what you think! :o)

Nickel Nook Design


andrea said...

thats a pretty cute doll

Liane said...

SO cute!! I want her!! Can I have her?
-Liane (just in case you didn't know!)

Tracy said...

This is precious Nancy! I made a stuffed rabbit one time. It came out pretty decent but i'm not a very good sewer unless it's something REALLY simple. She's a doll (pun intended). :) Hugs!

Lynn said...

Oh Gracie is lovely, a real cutie. Just love her hair :) Clever you Nancy.

Lynn xx

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

A project like this would probably take me a month lol i'm not a sewer (eww sounds like a drain)... sew'er :-)

Your awfly clever Nancy, she's just perfect! I used to have a chicken called Grace too :-)

Enough of my waffling lol ... Love what you have done xx

Anonymous said...

Gracie is gorgeous. Your new friend helped you get through a lonely Saturday. You are, most definitely, a woman of many talents. Your bear a few weeks ago, maybe months now, and Gracie. Love your work.
Love you - Leslie

Geri said...

Nancy, it's been way too long since I visited!! (So busy, so tired!!) Had to comment on this doll. She is adorable! My sister has a blog in which she is journaling the adoption process of a now 3 year old "baby doll" from Guatemala. On her last post she mentioned she was trying to make Nola a doll and on one of her attempts, the head looked like ET. Had to laugh!!! No ET syndrome here...yours is a true beauty!! I'm going to send my sister here to take a peek!

Pam L said...

What an adorable little cutie! I'm Geri's sister and have now made four attempts at a cloth doll for my little one. Although each attempt is better, I haven't gotten it quite right yet. I can just see a little girl lovin' and draggin' little Gracie around.
So sweet! And all done in just a day?! You get a big gold star!

Julie said...

She is just adorable Nancy!! I really should get back to making my dolls. Maybe that would be a better avenue for me to travel.
Thanks for joining me in my classes!!

Anonymous said...

wow! she is so adorable..... you are truely a talented lady..... (you guessed it I'm catching up on your blog. ;)