Friday, 19 November 2010

52 Week Scrapbook Challenge - Make a Grid of 9 Squares

I spent some time pondering what I was going to do for this particular challenge. Then yesterday we had quite a blizzard blow through! This morning it was -24 Celcius! For those of you that deal with Fahrenheit...lets just say that it's cold and leave it at that! lol I didn't even bother to look into the windchill because I'm not going anywhere! Anyways...the weather situation helped me decide what I wanted to use for my challenge. These pictures were taken in my neighbor's garden. She has moved into the Nursing Home now, and her house has sold. So this page is a lovely memory of a wonderful neighbor! :o)
Photos were taken a few years ago before I got my nice camera!


Rod said...

Beautiful LO Nancy and what a beautiful way to remember someone. Some gorgeous flowers there including some of my favourites - lilies.
Lynn xx

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, such a great way to remember your neighbor. Once again, another layout that is beautiful. Love all the bright colors of the flowers. Freezing cold outside but late spring and early summer in your room :-)

These grid layouts are really great to do....a bit of a challenge in the calculating of cropping the photos and width of exposed background paper between photos. Made my brain ache after I finished one of these.

Love the look of yours! Don't have to calculate....just admire :-)
Love you - Leslie

Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to remember your neighbour, the flowers are beautiful and the layout is just perfect ... I love flowers..

Its cold here too, but not as cold as it it with you, stay indoors and wrap yourself up all cosy and warm x

Jonia said...

This is wonderful and I just did a page like this for a challenge on Christian Paper Crafts. I need to post it to my blog. Love what you did with yours.