Tuesday, 16 November 2010

JOY Tags

It seems like it's been a while since I've had a new crafty post...although I know it hasn't been that long! I actually haven't done anything new in the last week. I found this picture in my files and thought I would share it with you. Just over a year ago I had come across an online crop challenge thingy! Yes, that was the official name of it! lol They had a challenge to use shipping tags and Tim Holtz Distress Inks to make a halloween tag. Well...those of you that follow my blog may have noticed that I don't "do" halloween! So I asked if I could do Christmas instead. It was no problem! So here are the tags I made. This was my a bunch of firsts for me. First time with shipping tags, distress inks, masks, & distress crackle paint.  Hopefully I'll be back to new work in a day or two! :o)


Tracy said...

These are great Nancy! I don't work with blending my TH inks as much as I should considering that I absolutely love them. I love how you made the middle one look like a door. Cuuute! Hugs!
P.S. I don't tell you enough how much of an encouragement and blessing you are to me. Thanks!

itsaworkofart said...

Hi Nancy! me too, ive been sooo busy for the last two weeks. have not been 'art journalling' at all!!
Great tags you've made here. Did a x'mas tags for my DT assingnments too.
Take care.
Peace n Luv

Lynn said...

Lovely tags Nancy. I always admire tags that other people have made yet have never got around to making any myself! Every year leading up to Christmas I promise myself I will make some to go on the gifts and every year I end up reaching for the ones I made out of the previous years Christmas cards - only ever use mass produced cards to make tags out of, never hand made cards. Those get stored in a special box :)

Hope those migraines are giving you respite and you are not suffering at the moment.
Lynn xx

Stampin Kimber said...

Love the tags, the door one is adorable........I hope you enjoy the distress inks as much as I do!!!

Sparkly Pink Star said...

These are AWESOME! I love distress inks!

Anonymous said...

They are very nice indeed, love all the different elements to them with the inks etc...Lovely christmas tags, the door is a great idea, any chocolate behind it ? :-) x