Friday, 21 January 2011

52 Week Scrapbook Challenge - Song Lyrics

As you probably know, I love music, and I have about a million "favorite" songs. The challenge this week was to make a page which included "meaningful song lyrics". So I thought my greatest challenge, with this challenge, would be trying to pick one song from my ginormous list of favorites. However, that was all taken care of for me! After a lovely email "conversation" recently, I haven't been able to get this particular song out of my head. Even after listening to other music...this song pops right back! lol The song is from the Bible verse found in Nehemiah 8:10. There may be more verses to it but I could only remember these two. Considering the happenings in my world these days, this is the perfect song to have in my heart and on my lips! :o)


Mary said...

Beautiful! Ok, how did you make those flowers? I love all the details. I still have to make mine, yikes!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mary 2ScrapAlot! How did you make those flowers!!! Are they made from a strip punched then rolled?

The border at the top is delightful with the little seed pearls enhancing it. What kind of punch did you use for the top and bottom edges of your background piece for your lyrics? That is very unusual, I haven't seen that one before.

I DO recognize the butterflies from one of the Stampin' Up! embosslets. So many die cuts on this page. Stunning!!! Simply stunning. Love this page.
Love you - Leslie

Geri said...

I really like this, Nancy! You can probably guess why...that soft vintage feel! Your flowers look absolutely beautiful on this, and I love the trim!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful page Nancy and I recognise those lyrics :)
I envy you being able to make those lovely roses so well. I cannot draw or a cut an even spiral so mine never turn out very well.

I adore background paper with musical notes, maps or script so your lovely background paper struck a chord with me (sorryyyyyyyy but couldn't resist) :)

Love and hugs
Lynn xx

Sparkly Pink Star said...

This is beautiful and I love those flowers!

Sparkly Pink Star said...

I awarded you a blog award on my blog today!

Anonymous said...

I'm waaaaay behind with my blogging again :-)

This is a beautiful page Nancy, love the lace and your handmade flowers, the die cuts, the pearls and that little butterfly is just gorgeous, what did you do to its pretty wee wing ;-) ... oh and love the music sheet paper too, there is loads of goodies to see on this, I still keep finding things when I go back for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th,, 5th look lol x

Jonia said...

What a beautiful page! I love it and the butterflies. Talk about Spring!

HolyScrap said...

What a beautiful page, the lace, the rolled roses...adorable.