Friday, 4 February 2011

52 Week Scrapbook Challenge - Add a "Mini" to a Page

Since I'm doing 8 X 8 pages for this challenge, my mini had to be quite mini! So I used an ATC Sizzix die and made a 10 page album to document 10 of the many things that make me smile! Originally I made my baby roses in white but they were a little bit too stark. So then I gave them just a little misting of Frost Glimmer Mist. I'm sharing this beause I have been hoarding my one and only bottle of Glimmer Mist. I decided I really should stop hoarding and start using, right?...right? lol Well, I'll try to anyways! :o)
 Thank you for the sweet little heart charm Lynn!


Lynn said...

Oh I love this and that heart charm just makes the page don't you think? LOL :)

Now why didn't I think of creating an ATC mini album? I have two 12 x 12 brand new albums gathering dust and they overwhelm me but I could create an ATC size one to ease me in! Thanks for the idea Nancy - I'll just add the ATC die to my list :)

Now what are the 10 things that make you smile? Or is that a secret??

Thanks for sharing a delightful and uplifting page, Nancy
Lynn xx

Nancy said...

Here's a few things that make me smile....this fabulous layout, the fun little mini album, the tiny roses (way to use the Glimmer mist!), your sweet comments on my blog, and the fact that we are blog buddies with lots in common!
blessings to you~

Mary said...

Great way to use the challenge Nancy! I really like the color scheme too. I'm so glad you used your glimmer mist. But, I totally understand you "saving" it. It's like me and my box of 64 Crayolas. hehehe SYS

Tracy said...

Don't feel bad Nancy. I'm a hoarder too. LOL Sometimes it's almost as fun to look at the stuff as it is to use it. I love that polka dot paper. It really pops on your page and the mini is adorable! The hanging charm is the perfect little extra. Beautiful page!

Geri said...

Yes...Lynn asked the question inquiring minds were wanting to know so thanks for filling us in, you teaser!! Very pretty layout--and good for you for opening up that bottle of mist and putting it to good use on this. I also LOVED your stenciling on the previous post. Just looks like pretty designer paper!! Thanks also for visiting me and getting in on my give-away fun. It would be no fun at all without sweet and faithful friends like you getting behind it. AND...thanks for your prayers!!! Have a great day, Nancy!!

Anonymous said...

This project of yours has made me SMILE :-) "Go-jus" is all I have to say. Love, love, love your flowers. That Glimmer Spray is so fun to use. Now that the "Genie is out of the bottle" you will be finding other things to spray :-) I really love the composition of this page. Everything is spaced just right so it looks larger than what you say it is. You are so good at what you do.
Love you - Leslie

Sara said...

NANCY, thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog and scrapbooker's paradise blog about my Valentine's Day scrapbook page. I really appreciate that!

Your comments would definitely be on my top ten list of things that make me smile today! :)

Sparkly Pink Star said...

yay you used your glimmer mist...the flowers look lovely! I have that colour and not used it yet...whoops!! Must use it!! Great page! :)

Jonia said...

Nancy what a great page! Beautiful and yes you should use your glimmer mist. I use mine all the time. Get it out girl and mist it good!LOL

Anonymous said...

What a lovely page, i really like the idea of the ATC mini book ;-) Lovely little roses you will need to give us all a tutorial on how you made them!

Hoarder, did I hear you say Hoarder? That'll be me too then lol glad you cracked open your glimmer mist x