Monday, 14 February 2011


EXCLAMATIONS OF JOY! Don't you just love that? I sure do! This page was inspired by my Pastor's sermon at church yesterday and by these verses found in Philippians chapter 1. Now just because this page was taking shape in my mind during the sermon...that doesn't mean I wasn't listening! ;o) Believe me, if the word's being spoken are about JOY , I'm all ears!
So this page is for you, my friends! The verse that comes before this one says..."I thank my God every time I remember you." I do thank God for each of you but I couldn't fit that on the card! lol I pray for each of you with JOY because you truly are in my heart! Originally I was going to write each of your names in the heart on the page, but the fear of forgetting anyone changed that idea! So, my dear friends, please know that you are in my heart and you are my EXCLAMATIONS OF JOY!! :o)

Papers: DCWV Caio Bella, My Mind's Eye,
Martha Stewart Punch: Filigree Heart,
Flowers: The Nickel Nook,
Brad: Recollection,
Ink: Stampin' Up,
Unknown: pearl strand, crepe paper,
alphabet stamps.


suralear1 said...

This message is so beautiful! You are a very special friend to me and you always bring great JOY to me whenever we communicate with each other and whenever I see your creations. You are a super talented lady and I am so thankful to be able to call you a friend!
Love, Sharon R

Tracy said...

Awww Nance! This is beautiful! I'm really thankful for you too. Glad to know I'm not the only plotting projects in church. LOL Don't worry, I listen too. :-) I love how you used the crepe paper and pearls around the heart. It makes it so delicate. And what a beautiful heart felt sentiment. You are a true gem my friend, not to mention a wonderfully blessed artist!

Tracy said...

Such a pretty layout.

Teen Queen said...

Nancy, thank you for such a beautiful message and a wonderful piece of art. I love all the elements on the page. That MS punch is beautiful. Nice touch with the crepe paper and pearls. I treasure you very much. You have been an inspiration and and encouragement to me. Your beauty shines through your written words and lovely artwork. Thanks for being you. Happy Valentine's Day.

Alee' said...

Gorgeous everything!!!!Hope you had a lovely <3 day my friend! Blessings Alee'

Anonymous said...

It's amazing where the mind wanders to when your in certain places when you should be tuned in elsewhere ;-) I do this all the time...

Thank you so much for the beautiful message , it's just perfect, a lovely big heart, perfectly decorated with lots of crafty goodness and love.

Sending you a great big hug across the pond, I love the friendship we have, Sarah xx said...

Awww Nancy, you are such a sweetie! You bring so much of the Lord's joy showing through you into our crafting community. I love and appreciate you my friend. You are such a treasure!

Big Hugs,

Susan M said...

The lovliest piece of craft I have seen for a long time absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Awww. Nancy, it is beautiful!! Thank you for including me in your group of friends. I appreciate you and your friendship very much.

The crepe paper ruffle with the pearls....such a lovely touch to your creation. Those Nickle Nook flowers are the best! Where ever did you get them ;-)

Love the papers you have used and those punch pieces are fantastic. I do agree with Tracy, you are a "wonderfully blessed artist". The Teen Queen sums my feelings up just right "Your beauty shines through your written words and lovely artwork".

Thank you Nancy, for being you :-)
Love you - Leslie

Anonymous said...

Awww. Nancy this is beautiful. Each of the ladies that have commented I totally agree with what they have said. You are a very talented and lovely person and I'm very thankful for your friendship.

Love the crepe trim around the heart and the pearls, so lovely. I especially like those flowers from the Nickle Nook. Where ever did you find them ;-)

Thank you Nancy for blessing me with your friendship.
Love you - Leslie

Ruth said...

AWW Nancy. What a beautiful layout and even more beautiful sentiment. I can see from the many comments here that I am not the only one who loves and appreciates your friendship. You are truly a joy to know and I am so blessed to have "met" you. Happy valentines day to you too my friend. Hope your valentines day was super sweet.

Lynn said...

I am awestruck that you created this beautiful piece of art for your many friends and I am honoured to be numbered amongst those friends.
I treasure our friendship and treasure the sentiment and warm thoughts of your lovely page.

I love the crepe paper frill around the heart and you must let me in on the secret of creating that :)
In fact love everything about this page including the stamping, your lovely flowers and it is all finished off perfectly with the pearls.

Thank you dear friend :)

Love and hugs
Lynn xx

Sparkly Pink Star said...

This is beautiful!

Dana said...

Hi Nancy! Just had to pop over to check out your blog after seeing we had both received the same award from Tracy! I figure any friend of hers has got to be a person worth knowing! Beautiful, beautiful card!!! I've become a follower and look forward to all of your future projects!

Jonia said...

Thank you Nancy for such a sweet page and such a tribute to your followers! I did not realize it had been so long since I last popped over here and now I wish I had come sooner. So much inspiration going on here! Beautiful page my Dear Sister in Christ!