Thursday, 19 April 2012

52 Week Scrapbook Challenge - Decoupage On a Page

Hello again, my friends! I guess I'm making up for lost time since I have another post already! :o)
I haven't done a page for this Challenge in FOREVER! The only plan I had in mind when I started was to decoupage the star tissue paper on the background. After that I had no idea what I was going to do. Boy, oh boy, did I have fun! After tearing, cutting, inking, layering, and gluing everything, I pulled out the Glimmer Glam, Stickles, pearls and gems to "blingorize" it my friend Titi would say! lol Some of it doesn't show up very well in the photo as I took it late in the day! If you click on it you might see it a bit better! It's so good to be playing again! :o)

Let me know if you have any questions about anything? :o)


A-M said...

I really can see you had fun creating this page. It just looks like they are walking down some stairs.
A very nice piece of fun artwork.

Friday said...

I love this. It's too funny too. Love all the details.TFS... Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I was thrilled to see this post show up on my cell phone. I have been missing you, seeing your work, and reading your blog. My fault and I'm sorry for neglecting you.

This page is delightful. Love that big purse your bride is carrying :D. Looks as though you have had a great time with this decoupage challenge.

I'm glad to hear your migraines have subsided enough that you can get back to your creative self. I look forward to going through the posts I've missed while I travel.

Love you my Friend - Leslie

scrappyshed said...

Great Page Nancy, That hand bag is huge! could get a lot of shopping in there lol that sure was a lot of cutting you had to do! Beautiful work!
have a great weekend:)

Tracy said...

I'm telling you, the more crafty stuff you can pull out to play with the more fun you'll have. LOL I could probably count on one hand the times I've decoupaged something. It's such a cool technique but I never use it. I love the little scene you've created Nancy, especially the curtain. I think I need to get a purse like that if it will make me look that skinny. LOL Hugs!

Holly said...

Oh! I love this!! Love that elegant era, but I just read the quote and it made me laugh! I do have a lot of big purses, but it's not working...might have to go even bigger like hers!!
PS thank you for your visit!! You make my day!

Geri said...

OK, you're cracking me up, Nancy! So glad you're feeling good enough to do it though! Thanks for making me smile this AM, friend!! This is wonderful!

Susan M said...

A lovely fun page and I really like the word "blingerize" the images are so elegant!

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh love this!!

Ana Márquez said...

Haha, the phrase is so funny :-) Your page is terrific!! Congrats, I love the lovely little couple. Thanks for sharing! xx

Marilyn said...

Wow.. I've always admired those who can put something together like this! Shows a massive amount of creativity and a good sense of humour (ahhhh... if only that's all it took was a purse... I have so many handbags! ahahhahahah).
Anyway, I like this a lot, the curtain, steps, handbag, images... it's all good!

Jennifer said...

Wooonderful! I just love how each of your pages is so unique and that you've used so many different techniques! Fabulous job Nancy!

Holly said...

Hi Nancy~
just stopping by to say "hello" and I hope that you had a lovely day!

Jonia said...

Nancy it is so good to see you playing again and I just love this page! Absolutely beautiful!