Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hymn and Scripture Challenge #7 - The Love of God

Hello, my dear friends!...Do you remember me? It's been a while since I've posted...and a while since I've visited any of you, as well! I have been out of commission for a little while! Spring has always been the most difficult season for my migraines, and this Spring seems to be packing a wallop! I know that I won't be able to go back and catch up on all that I missed but I am hoping to jump in soon and start again! A big thank you to those of you who have checked up on me! I've really appreciated your concern! Hopefully the worst of it is over! :o)
It was so wonderful to be creating something again! I decided to do something "vintage-y" (is that a word? lol )  My original page was rather dark looking but this hymn and verse are so full of hope that I had to brighten it up a little bit! So I swapped in the cream cardstock and thought that did the job nicely!
Now, you probably knew without me saying it but both this hymn and Scripture verse are my FAVORITE! ;o)We sing the hymn quite often in church, and it's such a beautiful one. The third verse is my favorite and was the inspiration for my page. I wrote it out in the center but please click on the picture so you can actually read it! As for the Scripture verse...it was one that I memorized when I was a child and has always been very meaningful to me. What a comfort and a joy to know that NOTHING anywhere will EVER separate us from the INCREDIBLE love of God we have through Christ Jesus our Lord! :o)

Papers: My Mind's Eye - Life Stories;
Slice Design Cards: Vintage Findings, Je t'adore, Home Sweet Home;
Embossing Powder: Stampendous - Emerald;
Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Forest Moss;
All Else From My Stash.

When I got to this place in my post I headed over to YouTube to find a video. I just knew this was the one as soon as I saw/heard it! It's so full of goodness: gorgeous voices and old school harmony, the lyrics, amazing photos, and it ends with the Scripture verses I used. I think it was made to order. I hope you enjoy it! :o)


Geri said...

Nancy...So good to have you back...and with such a lovely page! It's just beautiful! It's just not fair that such a beautiful season can be so hard on us, huh. I do pray that the worst is, in fact, over for you! Have a great day, my friend!

Teen Queen said...

Nancy, I was just thinking...where is my buddy? I am so glad you are back. I pray that you feel better and can find some joy in this season. Your page is lovely! ((HUGS))

Dunja said...

Hello my sweet friend, oh i am so glad to see you back in Blogland :) I was thinking of you and thought maybe something is wrong. Hope you feel much better soon sweetie.
Your creation is adorable, i love it!

God Bless you

Love & Huge Hugs
Dunja xx

Tracy said...

I love the melody of that hymn. :-) Your page is beautiful as they always are. :-)
Well my girl, I'm so sorry I didn't check on you. It never crossed my mind that you might be ill, only busy with family and maybe some crafty surprises. I hope you are feeling much better now. It's wonderful to have you back with us. I'm sure that several of us will agree that you are a ray of sunshine in our daily lives.
Huge Hugs!

Stampin D Amour said...

Nancy - this is so divine! Love it! xo

-pamela ;)

A-M said...

Nancy, sorry to read that you have been suffering with bad headaches.
Your vintage artwork looks so nice. Thankyou for sharing that video.

Friday said...

I was have been wondering and worrying about you. Now my worry and wonder is all solved. So glad to see you creating again. I'm so glad that your migrains have left you in peace. They are the worst. I had one just the other day and I could cry. Take care... Hugs!

Jonia said...

Yes, dear friend I have missed you and was hoping to see something soon. I was sick last night so did not even touch my computer. I just love your page and your verse. Could not have said it better myself! Looking forward to seeing all those creations that I know want to come out! Hugs dear friend!

Ana Márquez said...

How beautiful piece, friend! Thanks for your kind comment in my blog :-)
God bless you.

Vintage Collages

Susan M said...

So glad you are back Nancy ,
hope you are feeling much better !
Your page is wonderful ! That is my favourite verse too and you have done a fantastic interpretation of it. The old parchment effect and pen and colours and your lovely handwriting WOW !
I have mine to post but notice Blogger has changed! Hope I can manage to fathom it out! Praying your migraines will stay away.

Marilyn said...

This is really nice Nancy... fabulous choice of colours!

Marilyn said...

This is really nice Nancy... fabulous choice of colours!

Jennifer said...

I've missed you! I understand migraines, I pray that yours let up soon!
I just love your song pages, I always find myself singing away as I soak in all the details of your creation! Just Beautiful!

Debbie Buckland said...

I have finally done this part of the challenge...