Monday, 27 September 2010

Zig Zag Card

My wonderful friend Sarah is always making lots of fantastic projects! She inspired me to make this one right away! It was so much fun! Sarah's blog is called The Handmade Card Blog and you can find it right HERE
This little card is almost like a "mini" mini because you can put all kinds of goodness in it! I used many of the same supplies on this project as I did on my box project. Let me know if you have any questions! :o)


Anonymous said...

Nancy... this is fantastic!!!

I love the colour's you have chosen, the wee crinkle cut flowers, the clear gems are beautiful and I'm loving the silver embossing, birdie bows, clocks, butterflies, the stamps phew!

It's Vvvveerrrrry nice :-) xxx Sarah

Anonymous said...

Nancy...this is GORGEOUS!!!! A feast for the eyes and fingers. I, heartily, agree with Sarah - this card is truly fantastic.
Love - Leslie

Geri said...

Nancy, it was so good to see your comment on my last post--had to come say, "Hello"!! This card is fab-u-lous!! With all that work, all those beautiful "pages"...this puppy needs to be holding some long cherished photos!! However...if someone gave me this as the greeting it was meant to be...I would certainly feel very special and would not be complaining!! Beautiful!! LOVE your Fall layout in the previous post also! Have a great day!!

Rina said...

Nancy! i have a BAAAAA-Log, now i can comment on your BEAUTIFUL AMAZING STUFF, awesome color palette on this one, love it!

Rod said...

Oh I would feel very cherished if I received this beautiful book/card, it is full of love, talent and time.
It will find a loving home with Leslie. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Love and hugs

Teresa Helena said...

Just lovely!