Wednesday, 26 January 2011

52 Week Scrapbook Challenge - Using Masks or Stencils

For this week's challenge, I opted to use a stencil that I came across in my painting supplies. When I bought it a number of years ago, I never suspected that I would be using it with chalk instead of stencil paint! :o)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

ABC Scripture Challenge - Bible

First of all...I must say that I believe that the Bible is the true and inspired Word of God! With that being said...oh, where do I begin? I consider the Bible my "Guidebook For Life"! It gives me answers and directions. It shows me solutions to my problems. It is my Word FROM God and my praise and worship TO God! It offers information and advice on finances, relationships, moral dilemmas, salvation, raising children, marriage, the church, religion, and more. It is filled with words of comfort and joy...don't forget the JOY! lol If you want to read the BEST BOOK I've ever read, please read the Bible!...and guess what?...the ending hasn't even happened yet! :o)
Papers: Basic Grey 6X6 Paper Pads - Jovial, Basics White;
Stamps: CTMH - Good Work;
Inks: Stampin' Up - Basic Black, CTMH - Cranberry;
MM Slice Design Card: Farm Life;
Unknown: flowers, brads, diecut.

Friday, 21 January 2011

52 Week Scrapbook Challenge - Song Lyrics

As you probably know, I love music, and I have about a million "favorite" songs. The challenge this week was to make a page which included "meaningful song lyrics". So I thought my greatest challenge, with this challenge, would be trying to pick one song from my ginormous list of favorites. However, that was all taken care of for me! After a lovely email "conversation" recently, I haven't been able to get this particular song out of my head. Even after listening to other music...this song pops right back! lol The song is from the Bible verse found in Nehemiah 8:10. There may be more verses to it but I could only remember these two. Considering the happenings in my world these days, this is the perfect song to have in my heart and on my lips! :o)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

52 Week Scrapbook Challenge - Make a Title Using Different Letters/Fonts

I have such a HEART OF GRATITUDE these days, and this challenge page was created as a result of that! My dear, sweet online friends have been such a JOYFUL DISTRACTION to me over the last few days! I really wanted to make a page dedicated to them today! I may have some physical limitations that keep me close to home lately, but I sure never feel lonely! Here's what I've been up to....I've had coffee in the UK with a group of dear friends. We enjoyed lemon bars and chocolate. Much laughter & crafty discussion followed! It always does with this group! lol I exchanged several wonderful emails with a Kindred Sister who has become my new Pen Pal. I watched a youtube video that was a lovely dedication of  "Positive Sprinkles" just for me! It was so humbling and sweet! You all leave such kind comments for me on my blog! I am so overwhelmingly grateful to all of you and for each and every one of you! You are a reminder to me that God knows what I need and gives it to me before I even ask for it! I thank Him every day for bringing each of you into my life! :o)
Okay...mushiness over! All that being'll notice my page has no pictures on it! So now I want each of you to send me a picture, please & thank you, so I can do the next page right! haha

Friday, 7 January 2011

ABC Scripture Challenge - Anchor

WELCOME to the first Scripture Challenge of 2011! I am so happy that Patter is continuing with the Challenge again this year! It has been such a BLESSING for me as I've worked on my Scripture pages, and I hope you've enjoyed seeing them too! Since this is called the "ABC" Scripture Challenge, I've decided to add the letter to my page.
I had so much fun putting this page together! I LOVE the ocean! Yes...I do live on the Saskatchewan prairie and I'm nowhere near an ocean! lol However, I have been fortunate enough to have visited several oceans, and I LOVE the ocean! Standing and gazing out over the ocean...well, it's one of those moments when you experience a glimpse of God's majesty...when you feel the awesomeness of His power. We know, though, that the ocean can become very scary and dangerous in all it's power and strength, with blowing winds and crashing waves! That's kind of the way life is too. I'm going to stay firm and secure by hanging on to the Lord as my ANCHOR! That way I'll be able to handle the big storms of life! :o)

Papers:DCWV Mat Stack Neutrals, Assorted Provo Craft bitty Scrap Pads;
MM Slice Design Cards: Noteworthy, Vintage Findings;
 Fiskars Border Punch: Boundary Waters;
 Ink: Martha Stewart forget-me-not;
Dymo Label Buddy;
Unknown: sandpaper, marker, jute.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

52 Week Scrapbook Challenge - Journaling Strips

I have always loved pansies! My living room used to be decorated in pansies until we had to buy new furniture. Then we had to redecorate the entire room, of course. I don't really think my husband minded getting rid of  the flowers but he might have minded some of the bills for the new furniture! lol When I saw this photo in my picture pile I just had to play with it today! Spring IS right around the corner...YES, it is! There was no real journaling to go with the photo though, so I just used the definition of pansy. I love that the Latin word for pansy means "to ponder". The word "ponder" is very high up on my "Favorite Word" list. I'll have to tell you about that list in a future post! :o)

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