Thursday, 8 September 2011

ABC Scripture Challenge - Remember

Isn't this a beautiful verse? It really spoke to me when I was studying the word "remember". Sometimes I really wished I did 12"x 12" pages for my Scripture Challenges because I could sure fill it up fast with wonderful verses! lol "I REMEMBER the days of old, I MEDITATE on all Thy works; I MUSE on the works of Thy hands." I really love that! First of all, I'm not so old that I actually "remember the days of old"! lol I just want to make that clear! ;o) However, no matter what our age is, we can still remember the past. What's important here is the idea of meditating on God's works; really thinking about what He has done for us! How much more beautiful to take time each day to just "MUSE on the works of His hands"? Just think about what that means for a minute, okay? Just a moment or quiet muse about God and what He has done for you. He has: created you, provided for you, forgiven you, loved you, sheltered you, fed you, taught you, forgiven you again, healed you, sent His only Son to save you! Isn't that amazing? What else has He done for you? I think it's worth a little musing every day, don't you? :o)

Papers: K & Company - Julianne 6X6 paperpad;
MM Slice Design Cards: Vintage Findings, Fa la la;
Punch: Martha Stewart - Wild Flowers;
Bling: i-rock Hot Rocks - Metal Accents;
Marker: Marvy Le Plume II - no 72 pine green
Flowers: The Nickel Nook


Friday said...

That's so beautiful, Nancy. I love that verse too. TFS

Teen Queen said...

Nancy, I think that a real friend should do all my journaling for me (lol) Your work is so elegant and your handwriting is awesome! TFS

Leslie said...

This page is really great. Your choice of scripture is a good reminder to me. I have come so far in my life and done so many things, and the special part is that some totally awesome people have been placed in my path to walk with. One of them is you and I'm so thankful for you, my friend.
Love you - Leslie

Tracy said...

Considering what tomorrow is here in the US, your word brings lots of thoughts to mind. Lots of people will choose to see the events of 911 as the hand of an angry God, but if you truly believe His word you know that there was a purpose. God is merciful. God is good. We NEED to REMEMBER that! Thanks Nancy for reminding us to be thankful. :-)

Lynn said...

This is such an elegant layout Nancy and love the script used for the title. As Teen Queen said and I've said before you have a most elegant writing style.

Love and hugs
Lynn xx

Jonia said...

What a beautiful page and write up and oh so true is to remember what our Lord did for us even in the midst of our sin, He died for us! Thanks Nancy for helping us to remember!