Sunday, 27 November 2011

House Mini Album Tour Continues

Hello my friends! I'm back today with another group of pages from my little House Mini Album. This is also my last post as Guest Design Team Diva for Creative Scrapbooking Divas. Since I took a break from posting last week, this isn't the last you'll see of this mini here on my blog; there are still a few pages left to go. So let's get to it...

Our Home Is Filled With Gratitude and Thanksgiving! This page was decorated with my favorite Martha Stewart punch, some stickers and a bit of bling. It's a fold-out and it's just held down in one corner with a photo turn.
The inside was actually kind of a mistake! lol I intended to stamp the center medallion and some of the other accent pieces, leaving the middle space empty to write my Scripture verses.  As I was doing this I was listening to some great music and I totally zoned out and got carried away with my stamping. Rather than redoing it, I decided to cut out the leaf tags and use those for my verses instead! :o) The fold-out is one page from a Squash Book design. I didn't bother with a template for this one. If you'd like to know how to do this fold you can probably tell by looking, or just google Squash Book and you'll find LOTS of instructions!!
Our House Is Filled With Abundant Blessings! What could be better after a "Gratitude and Thanksgiving" page than a Blessings page! This is literally my overflowing bag of blessings! I used a small paper bag and folded up the bottom to form a tag pocket. I added a bead charm I made and a butterfly charm I received as a gift.
I wrote verses on strips of paper and stuffed them in my bag. God is so good! He gives us abundant blessings! Please take the time to click on the pictures and read the verses!
Our Home Is Filled With Love! I had just a regular fold-out planned for this page but then I saw a variation that Donna did in her video and it was just the twist I needed! Thank you Donna! I'll put a link in the supply list.
You can't really tell the difference in the photo when it's closed, but when you open it up you can see that the front is cut in a heart shape.
Our Home Is Filled With Comfort! When I think of "things" that provide us with comfort, one of the first that come to mind is a warm blanket, so I made one for my page pocket.
Then I filled it with tags that also bring comfort; a pot of soup, a pot of tea and a cup of tea, and a warm bubble bath.
On the back of the tags I added more Scripture verses. The Lord is the greatest comfort of all!
That's it for today! Thanks so much for your interest in my mini! Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you to the Creative Scrapbooking Divas for having me as their guest for this month! I wish you all a Very Happy Day! :o)

Materials Used That Haven't Already Been Listed:
Gratitude and Thanksgiving
Punch: Martha Stewart  - Wildflowers;
Stamp: Stampin' Up - Day of Gratitude;
Fiskars Leaves Template;
Alphabet: MM Shimmer Stickers.
Paper Bag: Celebrate It:
Flowers: Prima - Pastiche Small;
MM Slice Design Cards: Wedding, Basics 1;
Fold-out Design: Donna's Video - Click HERE
Stamp: Inkadinkado - Scrapbook Sentiments,
and Friendship;
Ink: CTMH Garnet
MM Slice Design Card: Bon Appetit


Friday said...

Oh wow, there is more to this album. Love it. I just love it, Nancy. TFS... Hugs!

Jennifer said...

I just love the feeling I get when I look through these wonderful pages. It's like sitting in your living room having a cup of tea with you! All the details and verses are wonderful! I can't wait to see what else you have to share with us.

Jonia said...

This is definitely a WOW scrapbook page for your home. I just love how you tied it all together with what is in your home! Love, Blessings, Comfort! Just beautiful Nancy!

A-M said...

Nancy, this is looking great. I really do like the comfort page - very cleverly done.

Tracy said...

You could not have done a better job on this Nancy my girl. Everyone of those pages is so unique and fun. You found the perfect way to highlight your verses on each one in a way that just made the whole album so very interesting. I am so very proud of what you accomplished here. We've just gotten a good taste of exactly what Mrs. Nancy is capable of. :-) MWAH!

Primadonnacrafts said...

Nancy, this mini is so adorable and each page is so creatively put together. Thanks for mentioning my video. I like the heart tag you made.

Best wishes,


Geri said...

Nancy, I'm just amazed at how creatively this was put together! It is just jam packed with the sweetest surprises! I never would have thought of them! Charming and beautiful!!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Nancy, I love this book - definitely an inspiration for me to make one similar. Thanks for participating in Scripture Thursday. ~ Abby

Sandy Ang said...

Wonderful. Love how the much variety the design creates !

alexandra s.m. said...

My Nancy, so much Love and work went into this master piece!
Thank you for sharing with us!


Nancy said...

Oh golly, this mini album just got more wonderful as I scrolled through the photos! I just don't know how you do it, projects like this always intimidate me. The verses you chose are so special and such a great reminder of God's faithfulness! Many blessings to you, Nancy!

ScrapChica said...

Hola Nancy! I adore your mini...everything is delightful! Great Job Amiga...Abrazos! :)

Leslie said...

I had a good chuckle after reading about you getting all caught up in a song and the idea you had for a piece went on to morph into something else. That something else is spectacular :D I love your squash book page :D

This book is amazing, Girlfriend. All of your gratitude and thanksgiving is so evident throughout. Even to the cup of tea and a hot bath :D Love your "blankie" most of all!

You have earned your status as "Diva" long before you were given this tribute :-)

Love you my Friend - Leslie

Debbie Buckland said...

oh wow look at all that!
you have been a busy bee!
Love all your elements in the book. Pockets and fold outs etc. Great work.

Susan M said...

You have created a wonderful piece of art! Such attention to detail , your home sounds like a wonderful place to be!