Monday, 30 April 2012

Hymn and Scripture Challenge #8 - Christ Arose friends...I think I have a problem with repetitivity! Yes, that is a brand new word that I just made up! I do know the correct way to say it but I like this way better! :o) As always when introducing my Hymn page I want to tell you that "I really love this hymn", "these are some of my favorite Scripture verses", and "I had so much fun creating this page"! Sounds familiar, right? Yet it's all so true!
It's just wonderful when we sing this hymn in church. It is always sung with such beautiful harmony and rejoicing! It's just music music to my ears! lol
Now, I'd like to talk about my page a little bit. This page took much more time than usual to create. It's based on Matthew 28. This is when Mary Magdalene and the other Mary go to the tomb after Jesus had been crucified.  An angel of the Lord appears to them and says:
"Do not be afraid, 
for I know that you are looking for Jesus, 
who was crucified.
 He is not here; He has risen, just as He said. 
Come and see the place where He lay. 
Then go quickly and tell His disciples: 
'He has risen from the dead 
and is going ahead of you into Galilee. 
There you will see Him.' 
Now I have told you." 

Can you imagine the JOY the Mary's must have felt? Overwhelming and incredible JOY!! Much like the JOY I feel when I think of all that Jesus has done for us; coming to earth and dying just to save us! :o)
For my background I used a few Prima masks and used some of my mists. Yes, I am now the happy owner of a few mists! I actually created what I envisioned as the garden scene, with bricks/stones, a garden gate, and trees. Then I covered it all up! lol I went on a bit of a flower making frenzy! Also, I had to add the Scripture verse, so I did that on a wood stamped sign post. Do you think once word got around about Jesus rising from the grave, that they posted a sign for those that came to see? :o)

Papers: K & Company - Roam, Recollections Cardstock;
Slice Design Cards: Think Pink, Basics 2, Je t'adore;
Punches: EK Success - Flowers, Martha Stewart - Branch;
Ink: Stampin' Up - Soft Suede;
Stamp: Stampin' Up - Wood Grain;
Sprays: Glimmer Mist - Frost, Wheat Beer,
Pearl Mist - Hearloom Gold;
Die: Tim Holtz - Hanging Sign;

This is a lovely version of the song! Enjoy!

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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Leslie's Macaroni Challenge

My friend Leslie had a fun Macaroni Challenge over on her blog! I don't even know if I followed the rules because I didn't read any of them before I created my card! lol I just had lots of fun and created this card with Leslie in mind.
I had some funny little short tube noodles. I placed them all on their sides and stuck them to a strip of painters tape. I inked them up and stamped them along the bottom of the card. It's hard to see the different shades but it's actually black, green and brown.
The textured macaroni shaped noodles were inked in black. Leslie...those are the road gators you taught us about! Isn't it funny how that's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw them? :o)
The side of the truck displays the company logo. What do you think of that? lol Those are my tiny alphabet noodles that have been alcohol inked. This is the first time I have used my alcohol ink.
Finally, inside the truck are Leslie and Joe. Joe is sporting the bow-tie noodle that has also been colored with alcohol ink. I didn't want to draw their faces on for fear of insulting them...although I do think I came close with Joe's hairdo!
So there you have it, macaroni card! Be careful out on those roads...there's gators out there! :o)
Papers: Recollections Cardstock;
Die: Tim Holtz - Old Jalopy;
Stamp: Simon Says Stamp - Cloud;
Ink: Stampin' Up - Basic Black, Basic Brown, Green;
Adirondack Alcohol Ink: Watermelon;
Assorted Noodles.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

More Pages in My "Happy Little" Altered Book

YAY!! I finally got some more pages finished! This is such a FUN project! If you missed hearing what it is I'm up to...just check out the label in the sidebar entitled "Happy Little Moments Class". I do a lot of rambling here, so feel free to skip down to the pictures! Then leave a comment and let me know what you think!

 It was fun to break out the sewing machine for this project, although it did sent me into a fit of the giggles! :o) I'm working on sewing a set of 5-7 pages together. So I practiced with a stack of pages that had been cut out of the book, adjusting the stitch length and tension until I was pretty happy with the way things looked. I'm working with a whole book now, so it's a little bit awkward. I fit everything into place and prepare to sew when I realize the presser foot is off! Well, that's weird! I take the book out of position...reattach the presser foot and start all over again! Okay, here we go...but the presser foot falls off again! What on earth is going on? Now, most people might catch on after just the two times but it took me a little bit longer. I guess it was one of my "slow" days! lol It turns out that as I was pushing the book as close as I could get it to the presser bar, it would hit the lever in the back of the machine that would release the presser foot. Hence my fit of giggles! I'm not sure exactly what I was laughing at but the whole thing just cracked me up! You would probably laugh the hardest if I actually told you how many times that silly foot came off! haha So after that I decided I'd take the book upstairs to my good sewing machine and use that instead. It turns out my good machine doesn't get as close as the machine my husband bought me for paper. So I'll just keep giggling! :o)

Here's the inside front cover:

On this page I spritzed the doily with Perfect Pearls Mist, and I added one of the definitions of "collection". I'll be adding more definitions throughout the book. Here you can see the first of the machine stitching.

Shortly after the class had begun, I was fortunate enough to be one of the winners of a wonderful giveaway. Debbie mailed the fabulous prizes in this little paper bag wrapped with a doily. Of course I had to use it in my book. The other prize winnings will be showing up on later pages. I added some embellishments to the doily and put a tag in the bag. There is a list of my collections on the tag but you can't see that part yet! :o)

This next, and final page, I have to show you today is very much like the lesson. Maggie had this fabulous idea to include a glassine bag wrapped over the pages and filled with confetti bits. I had one bag in my stash, other than the teenie Vintage Findings ones. I decided to punch a couple of little holes in it and strategically place some iridescent stars behind them. Another thing that I really love...but still have a little bit of difficulty leaving all the thread bits hanging! As a quilter, I'm used to snipping all my threads and leaving things neat and tidy. It's an adjustment I'm willing to make for my art! lol

That's it for today! I'd love to hear what you think so far! Please let me know if you have any questions about anything! Thanks so much for looking!...Nancy :o)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

52 Week Scrapbook Challenge - Decoupage On a Page

Hello again, my friends! I guess I'm making up for lost time since I have another post already! :o)
I haven't done a page for this Challenge in FOREVER! The only plan I had in mind when I started was to decoupage the star tissue paper on the background. After that I had no idea what I was going to do. Boy, oh boy, did I have fun! After tearing, cutting, inking, layering, and gluing everything, I pulled out the Glimmer Glam, Stickles, pearls and gems to "blingorize" it my friend Titi would say! lol Some of it doesn't show up very well in the photo as I took it late in the day! If you click on it you might see it a bit better! It's so good to be playing again! :o)

Let me know if you have any questions about anything? :o)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hymn and Scripture Challenge #7 - The Love of God

Hello, my dear friends!...Do you remember me? It's been a while since I've posted...and a while since I've visited any of you, as well! I have been out of commission for a little while! Spring has always been the most difficult season for my migraines, and this Spring seems to be packing a wallop! I know that I won't be able to go back and catch up on all that I missed but I am hoping to jump in soon and start again! A big thank you to those of you who have checked up on me! I've really appreciated your concern! Hopefully the worst of it is over! :o)
It was so wonderful to be creating something again! I decided to do something "vintage-y" (is that a word? lol )  My original page was rather dark looking but this hymn and verse are so full of hope that I had to brighten it up a little bit! So I swapped in the cream cardstock and thought that did the job nicely!
Now, you probably knew without me saying it but both this hymn and Scripture verse are my FAVORITE! ;o)We sing the hymn quite often in church, and it's such a beautiful one. The third verse is my favorite and was the inspiration for my page. I wrote it out in the center but please click on the picture so you can actually read it! As for the Scripture was one that I memorized when I was a child and has always been very meaningful to me. What a comfort and a joy to know that NOTHING anywhere will EVER separate us from the INCREDIBLE love of God we have through Christ Jesus our Lord! :o)

Papers: My Mind's Eye - Life Stories;
Slice Design Cards: Vintage Findings, Je t'adore, Home Sweet Home;
Embossing Powder: Stampendous - Emerald;
Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Forest Moss;
All Else From My Stash.

When I got to this place in my post I headed over to YouTube to find a video. I just knew this was the one as soon as I saw/heard it! It's so full of goodness: gorgeous voices and old school harmony, the lyrics, amazing photos, and it ends with the Scripture verses I used. I think it was made to order. I hope you enjoy it! :o)

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