Saturday 11 November 2017

Blog Hop Celebrating First Year with Swedish House Crafts

Hello, my friends!

Welcome to our fun Blog Hop Celebrating our First Year with

Are we ever having a party!
We have fun things to share, great offers in the store, and prizes at every stop!

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I love to organize and re-organize my craft room!
It's one of my favorite things to do! 

I was a little bit horrified when it was decided we would share our spaces in this blog hop.
I have just turned my room upside down in another re-organization blitz!  
Really not good timing on my part! lol 

I am blessed to have a bright room that measures 13' X 16'.
It's been my craft room for 18 years and has seen a lot of changes;
both in crafts and in set-up.
I really can't share the whole room in the condition it's in but I'll share some parts.
My husband is very talented, and builds me anything I want. 

He actually came up for the plan for these shelves.

The end unit is my die-cutting station. 
My Big Shot goes on top, and my dies are all close-by.

I always work standing up. 
I colour sitting down...but otherwise I'm always standing.
This is where I work.
I had my husband build a raised area for me, so I don't get a back ache.
I also work on a glass surface. 
It's just my favorite surface to work on for many reasons.
Everything I need is close at hand, either on top or under the work surface.

If I turn around from my work surface, this is what you see.
My trimmer, score board, another glass surface, and lots more is all easily accessible.

This is one of my favorite organizational spots.
It's in the black filing cabinet right under my work surface. 
The first two drawers are shallow and hold inks and other mediums.
This bottom drawer holds all my 8 1/2" X 11" cardstock. 
It's all sorted by colour, then in front of each colour is a file folder to hold the scraps in those colours. 
When I need a smaller piece I search through the scrap folder first.

 Here's a peek at one of my pegboards. 
This is my favorite ribbon organization! 
Do you know what these trays are?
They're chick feeders from a local hardware store.
Yes, actual chick feeders and they hold ribbon spools perfectly!
I love this system!

There you have a look at where I work.
If you're interested in seeing more, it will have to wait until my room is finished! :o)

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Chocolatefdawn said...

What a space, and the lucky of having a talented husband. I love mine dearly but practical he is not. In our 30 years of marriage it has always fallen to me to be the handy one. He always offers but he’s better in the support role of tea maker and holding ladders. He tried decorating the nursery as a surprise when I was delayed in hospital after an emergency c section. He made such a hash of it that he called in my sister to set it to rights. Love your blog.

Christine Mosen said...

What a lovely room you got, so many crafty things - Loving it <3

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Nancy, Wow !! I love to look at other people's craft rooms, and I'm loving your craft room and all your organisation, I wish mine was so organised, I seem to have 'stash' on every surface and end up crafting in a possible 10" x 10" space and the rest of the surfaces are 'littered' with all the components I'm working with hahaha. I have been looking for a 'carousel' like you have, but no luck yet. Thank you for the chance to win.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Lynne said...

Thank you for sharing your crafty space. It’s great, much more tidier than mine and you have much more stuff too! x

CraftyNatalie said...

Great organisation. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win.

Natasa said...

o you have tons of paper :-O

Sindhu said...

Lovely craft space...thanks for sharing...

Susan M said...

What a fabulous craft room Nancy ! I can understand now how you manage to make so many wonderful projects!

jolanda said...

OMG!!! You have lots and lots of crafting stuff! What a beautiful place! 😍
Thank you for the chance of winning this lovely die! Hugs, Jolanda

Debra K. said...

Fantastic craft room! You're so lucky having a hubby to make things for you, would you send him to me for a week please :D. Thanks for the chance to win this fab die. Debra x

Liz said...

How oraganised! Looks fab!

Suzi Mac said...

Hi Nancy, Wow! you have a wonderful bright and well stocked craft room, love your shelves that hubby built, (is he for hire lol) your ribbon holder are awesome. might need to borrow a few of your ideas. Thanks for sharing.
Suzi x said...

Your room is amazing. So organized. It is so wonderful to have your crafting needs so handy. Even better, that your husband seems to be supportive. Thanks for sharing.

Erin said...

Wow u are very lucky to have a handy husband may I borrow him to make me a craft room ... I'm so jealous x

Debs said...

Wow, amazing room, I especially love your ribbon holder, thank you for sharing x

Christine L said...

OMG - please send your hubby over to the UK Nancy - I NEED organisation like that!

Christine x

ionabunny said...

This is a fab space. I had visions of you shoving stuff out of the picture and then moving it again for the next one, but I am sure I am only thnking about myself LOL, cos you look super organised. I am so bookmarking this post cos you seem to have so many great ideas. I really want that coffee mug die. Thanks so much for sharing. I need me a peg board!!!! Hugz

Jane Willis said...

Fantastic organisation - I'm amazed at the chicken feeders being so perfect for storing ribbon

Marilyn said...

Sheesh... I thought I had stuff Nancy! Your room looks like a store! Some great storage ideas though and I'm going to go have another look.

JanR said...

Such a wonderful space! Your lucky to have such a handy husband. Thanks for the chance to win! :-)

Unknown said...

I really love the space designed for standing! Why do you prefer glass work surfaces if I may ask?

Darlene said...

WOW What a fabulous work space and how awesome to have a handyman hubby (I have one of those too but don't employ him nearly enough! lol). I knew you were an organized crafter but WOW! Looks awesome my friend! Now that my BIG craft show is behind me I need to find/take the time to clean/redo my cave ... it really needs freshening up! Thanks for inspiration!

Carole Wright said...

wow Nancy, love your craft room, and all so neat and tidy, I wish mine was so neat! Have a lovely day x

Nancy said...

Thanks for asking, Rebecca! There are many reasons I prefer working on glass. I always do my fussy cutting using a craft knife. This can be done directly on my glass surface. I can ink on it, glue on it, basically do whatever I want on it. Then to clean it, I simply take a baby wipe and take all the mess off. If I get some strong glue on it, I can remove it with my craft knife. You can see in the photo that I have placed several strips of non-slip shelf liner underneath it so it's very secure.

Linda's Lovelies said...

Chick feeders!!! What a fabulous idea for holding rolls of ribbon!

Vivi Casale said...

wow, such a nice craft room!! love it!!
thanks for the chance to win!!

Anne said...

You are very fortunate to have such a talented and generous husband. I enjoyed seeing his handiwork.I love that coffee die!

Sue said...

What a wonderful hubby to build your dream space tailored to your own need. Fantastic to see all the quirky storage solutions, for example chick feeders for ribbon, Proves even we are out shopping our minds being crafters never shut off lol .

Maria Pilar said...

Could you lend me your husband a few days? I promise to return it. LOL
You have a fantastic scraproom, very organized everything and at hand. I'm jealouse!

Kerri said...

omg great space CHICK feeders great idea love it..just might lift that idea!! thanks for sharing!!!!

Kelley H. said...

Your space is wonderful. You are very blessed to have a crafty husband. That was smart thinking to raise the table. The chicken feeders for your ribbons looks great!

Unknown said...

Love your blog and everything Swedish! ❤️

Liz said...

What a super crafting space - so many lovely things to play with! Thanks for the chance to win this great set of dies. xx

Donna Phelan said...

WOW! That is amazing, what a great space!!!

Valerija said...

You have wonderul craft room and so many amazing thins. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the chance to win your wonderful dies too.

Donna said...

Oh, my goodness Nancy.
Thank you so much for a tour of your crafty space. It is absolutely wonderful, and a feast on my eyes.
I could sit and play in there all day long.
Can I borrow your Hubby? Lol!!!
Big hugs sweet pea xx

McStamper said...

Wow. What a fabulous and organized craft space. Love the die.

Katie said...

Your very organised

shabbycraftcabin said...

So neat and tidy .... wish mine was like yours lol

Tina Z. said...

wow, this is totally amazing craft room!
Thank you for the chance to win this great die.

Susan said...

you should have shown your whole room, you teased us! Lovely space.

on a good day said...

Unbelievably gorgeous and jam packed! Lucky you, for the space and the hubby who builds what you need. My hubby painted an old metal desk white for me and I love it! I love your play room! Thanks for the chance to win the cute Coffee Cup die cut and for sharing with us in this wonderful blog hop for SHC. Prayerful hugs, Germaine

Unknown said...

I giggled about your craft room being reorganized, room is a complete disaster as I'm attempting to reogranize WHILE still creating cards. I've concluded that I have ADHD when it comes to crafting!!! I have not one, not two, not three, but four piles of half started projects. UGH! Good luck with your newest organizational ritual and may you create for months within it! ;-)

Denise Bryant said...

Nice room, Nancy! Wish mine was so organized! Very clever ribbon organizer!
Love the cute coffee die set you have for your prize!

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Gosh Nancy, that looks like stash Heaven!! I love all your lil' nooks and clever storage ideas. Fabulous! Hugs, Wends xoxo

Jane Mi said...

What a great craft room! Give me many tips to manage my projects!

Janice said...

What a fabulously organised craft room Nancy....I’m so jealous! ;-)

paperpapier said...

Such a spacious craft room and everything is so organized. Lots of paper pad at the bottom cabinet shelf...what a delight to have them.

Maria said...

Wow what a fantastic craft room and I think the storage and shelves are amazing. Wish I
had a room and a husband like yours. Working standing up at a tiny space on the work top
in the kitchen, not so ideal :>) tfs x

Mia said...

What a great craft room, Nancy. I am organising mine now. I will take some ideas. Thank you for inspiring me, my friend.

Marjorie DUMONTIER said...

Thanks for this little craft room tour and the chance to win a die !

Heather said...

That is one nice looking space Nancy! I am jealous...I need you to come to my place and help me organize :0) It would be fun :0)

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

OH! Nancy, what an incredible room you have, sooooooooo organised, it looks wonderful. AND you stand to craft, much more healthy LOL.

Poppyfield Card Crafts said...

Great organised craft room Nancy. I'm very impressed you stand to craft!! Thank you for sharing and for the chance to win the great die too

Happy crafting


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