Monday, 31 May 2021

Bowdabra - A Little Teddy Bear Update

 Hello, my friends!

I'm excited to be sharing my first Design Team post for Bowdabra!

If you're not familiar with the Bowdabra, it's a wonderful bow making tool!
Anyone can make a beautiful bow very easily using the Bowdabra!

For my first bow project, I decided to spruce up my fluffy white teddy bear.
Here he is in his fancy new finery:

Isn't that a fun and festive new bow?

Here is how I made it:

Supplies Used:
Teddy Bear.

Follow these steps:

1. Cut a piece of the Bowdabra wire approximately 24" long. Fold in half. Insert into the Bowdabra tool, as shown in the photo. Tuck the extra length under the base of the tool. 

2. Measure around the neck of the teddy bear, and cut a ribbon to fit. In this case it was 12" in length. That is inserted into the Bowdabra tool, right side facing up, as shown in the photo.

3. Insert the end of the ribbon into the tool, over the bottom ribbon piece. Creating a loop with the ribbon, fold the ribbon back on itself. 
4. At the center point of the loop, give the ribbon a twist, so that the right side of ribbon is facing down. 
5. Insert the twisted part of the ribbon into the tool. Now the wrong side is facing up. 
6. Form a loop on the opposite side of the tool, folding the ribbon back on itself. Now the right side is facing up.
7. At the center point, twist again, and insert it into the tool.
8. Continue forming loops in this accordion fashion, until you have as many loops as you want.
I wanted 4 loops on each side.

9. Insert the Bowdabra Wand (comes with the tool) into the tool, and press down. This scrunches all the ribbon together. 

10. Untuck the Bow Wire from under the tool and pull up. One end has a loop, and one end has two cut ends. Insert the cut ends through the loop end. While holding the ribbon down with one hand, pull the cut ends of the wire up snuggly. 

11. Remove the piece from the Bowdabra tool. It will look like this. Now pull the wire tight and tie a knot. Trim the extra wire off.

12. Fluff  and shape the loops into your desired bow. Wrap the tail ends around the bear and tack in place. Arrange the loops as desired.

There you have it...a fun loopy bow to dress up your teddy bear! :o)

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
I'll be back next month with another fun bow project!

* * * * *

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Daffodil Cards said...

AW! That Teddy deserves a beautiful big bow, love the ribbon too.
Faith x

Teresa Arsenault said...

Gorgeous bow for that super-cute bear.

Susan M said...

Love your teddy and his beautiful new bow lovely ribbon

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